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Placing Numbers Over Other Numbers

Allen Wyatt's Word tips -

Sometimes you need to create text that isn't as "linear" as you might expect. For instance, you may need to put some text over the top of other text, almost like a fraction (but without the fraction line). This tip examines a few ways that you can position text in this over-and-under manner.

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Variable lógica de control

Excel Avanzado -

Puede descargar el archivo booleanoPorDefecto.xlsm Generamos siete números aleatorios entre 1 y 10 en las celdas del rango B4:H4. En la celda amarilla (B6) generamos otro número en el mismo...

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Power Query Challenge #2

Excel guru -

I'm at the Microsoft Business Application Summit this week, so I thought I'd post another Power Query challenge, especially since our last one was so successful. For this Power Query challenge … Our...

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