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PT0047 - Budget Report Selector

ConteXtures -

Enter Forecast and Actual data for a budget, see the summary in a pivot table. Click the Slicer to change values in the Pivot Table report - choose the forecast, actual, YTD, Variance or Variance Percent

Ctrl+Select in Excel Gets Smart

Jon Peltier -

Ctrl+Select In Excel When selecting cells and areas in an Excel worksheet, you can select one cell or area with the mouse, then hold the Ctrl key while selecting another cell or area, and the new...

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Storing AutoText Entries with a Document

Allen Wyatt's Word tips -

AutoText entries can provide quite a bit of flexibility and power in a document. If you want to share those entries with others, you need to remember that the entries are stored in templates, not in documents. This tip explains how to go about sharing the desired entries with others.

Read this WordTip: Storing AutoText Entries with a Document
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Extract Data Based on the Previous Row

Excel guru -

This is a cool example of how to Extract Data Based on the Previous Row, which came up as a viewer's question inside our Power Query Academy.  Let's look at how we solved it… What Kind of Data Needs...

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